Instagram Stories: Best Practices and Inspiration to Engage Your Followers in 2021

Everyone wants Instagram followers, but Instagram engagement is the real key to success on Instagram. Instagram Stories provide a new way for users to engage with your brand or business that can help influence potential customers and build relationships with your current fans.

This article will explain how Instagram Stories work and give you some tips and examples of how Instagram stories can be used for Instagram engagement. Instagram Stories are temporary photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours, so if you missed anything, it’s gone forever!

Instagram stories can be posted from both Instagram on a desktop computer and Instagram in the Instagram app. When posting an Instagram story on a desktop computer, simply press the camera button while viewing your profile to add new Instagram stories. 

Instagram Stories can also be posted from Instagram in its app on your phone by pressing the camera button at the bottom of the screen or using Instagram’s built-in photo editor to overlay text, drawings, and stickers on top of your image before uploading it as an Instagram story.

There are several ways that you can use Instagram stories to engage with your Instagram followers. Instagram stories are an easy way to share more of yourself and your brand without committing to posting a full Instagram post. 

Instagram stories can be used as behind-the-scenes access, exclusive deals, promotions, Q&A sessions with fans, and more!

Instagram Stories: How do Instagram Stories work?

Instagram Stories can be seen by anyone who follows you on Instagram, not just your current Instagram followers. 

When someone views your Instagram story in their Instagram feed or when they swipe to view images and videos from people they don’t follow, Instagram will display the number of times an Instagram story has been viewed next to it in a circle with a line through it. 

Instagram stories are not Instagram feeds, they are intended to be temporary. Instagram stories never appear in Instagram’s explore or hashtag pages.

Instagram Stories Best Practices and Ideas for Instagram Engagement

Video: Instagram stories can include videos from Instagram or Instagram videos you have previously posted. 

Videos on Instagram stories will play continuously when someone views them so keep Instagram stories short to provide Instagram followers with an incentive to watch your Instagram story videos in full before the Instagram stories expire.

Photo: Instagram photos on Instagram stories can include Instagram photography or previously posted Instagram photos. Instagram photos will not be visible until someone swipes up on them so consider delaying the posting of new Instagram photo content until after you have posted your Instagram story images. 

Instagram photos on Instagram stories are seen by all Instagram followers, not just your Instagram followers so limit Instagram photos to Instagram engagement best practices.

Drawing/sticker: Instagram drawing tools allow you to add text, drawings, and stickers to your Instagram story images. 

If the person viewing an Instagram story is using the Instagram app, Instagram drawings and Instagram stickers will be visible. 

Instagram stories won’t display Instagram Instagram drawings on the Instagram desktop the same way they appear on Instagram mobile devices because Instagram doesn’t recognize Instagram drawing tools on a non-mobile device. 

Instagram stickers and Instagram drawing tools do not transfer over to IGTV videos or IGTV posts!

How can Instagram Stories be used for Instagram engagement? Instagram Stories are an Instagram engagement tool that can be used for many Instagram marketing purposes. 

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How to create new Instagram Stories:

There is no set way to post images and videos as Instagram stories, but there are a few ways you can make your latest Instagram story posts more visible to

Instagram stories can be found by opening the Instagram app on your mobile device and swiping right to access, or you can find new Instagram stories in your personalized feed.

When viewing your personalized feed, swipe right to view the latest images and videos posted on Instagram.

Instagram stories also appear in the Instagram search menu when viewing the Instagram feed on a desktop device. 

To reach your latest posts as an Instagram story, click or tap on the three dots in the top right corner of your Instagram feed and select “New Story” to view images and videos not already displayed on Instagram.

How to find Instagram Stories you have previously posted Instagram stories are saved in your Instagram account but are not displayed on your Instagram feed or displayed when following hashtags or viewing Instagram IGTV Business on Instagram.

Keep a close eye on your Instagram Stories engagement

Instagram advertising IGTV Business on Instagram! When viewing your Instagram stories, Instagram followers swipe right to see the next Instagram story and swipe left to see the previous Instagram story. 

If a follower misses your latest Instagram stories, they can catch up by swiping through your Instagram stories from oldest post to newest post.

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