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Are you tensed to increase views and likes on your Instagram reels? if yes then you are on the right page today we are going to give you the best solution for increasing views and likes on reels videos, and the name of the solution is Neutrino Plus apk.

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The Instagram reel is one of the most used short video sharing platforms, where users can share making short videos, short tutorials, lipsync videos through sharing there’s a talent to worldwide.

The Instagram reel is a great place to show our talent to others by making short videos, and it is also the best way o go viral on social media.

but in the starting when new users make reels videos their reels do not gain many views and likes that’s very disappointing and troublemaking for new creators.

if there is any way to get a little boost on reel videos then Instagram makes some chances to video go viral worldwide, but this happens in rare cases.

If I can tell you that there is a way by which you can boost your Instagram reels video? and you can increase the number of likes and views in thousands on your reels video? Will you trust me then?

Yes, read it right, there is such a way by which you can increase millions of views and thousands of likes on your Instagram reel video, and you can easily increase your popularity on Instagram for free.

And the name of that way is Neutrino Plus apk, in which you get tools to increase Instagram followers, likes, comments as well as reels views which are easy to use.

If are you excited to increase views and likes to your Instagram reels video then download the neutrino+ app from the below download link and follow my step to learn how to use Neutrino+ apk for free.

What Is Neutrino Plus Apk?

Neutrino+ is an android device application that allows to his users to get likes and views to their Instagram reel videos for free and it’s a very easy-to-use and reliable app.

Neutrino plus apk also provides a real Instagram follower that helps to grow your Instagram account organically but for this you need crystals, crystal is a currency of neutrino plus aap.

By exchanging crystal you can boost followers, likes, comments, reel views on your Instagram account. but for this, you need a big amount of crystals.

But you will be glad to know that you can get free crystals by following other users in the Neutrino+ app and by exchanging them you can send followers, likes, comments, Instagram reels views to your targeted Instagram account.

If you face a problem in collecting crystals and changing them to views and likes then follow our below steps which will make it easy for you to use Neutrino Plus apk.

Is Neutrino+ Apk safe?

Now somewhere or the other question must be coming to your mind that will it be safe to use the Neutrino Plus app to increase the views and likes on Instagram reels?

The answer is very simple yes, neutrino plus apk is a follow-for-follow app in which the user follows another user with his permission, then there is nothing wrong to do so and you do not break any rules of Instagram with this.

And at the same time, more than 50 lakh users have used this app, so you can also guess from this that this app is reliable.

But increasing followers on Instagram using any third-party app is against the guideline of Instagram, as a result of which Instagram can also ban your account permanently.

So use this app at your own risk.

Benefits of using Neutrino Plus Apk?

There are too many benefits of using neutrino plus app but below we mentioned major benefits of neutrino+ apk.

Collect Crystals Automatically: in the neutrino plus apk you can collect crystals automatically by using auto crystals collecting mode, this feature will help you to collect tons of crystals in a very short time.

Instagram Reels Views and Likes: as we mentioned above major benefits and this is one of them, you can easily increase likes and views on your Instagram reels videos for free.

Active Instagram Followers: yes! you can increase your Instagram fan following by using the neutrino plus app and you will receive real and active Instagram followers this is the best part of it.

Real App User Comment: there are a few application that provides Instagram comments on your selected post, and one of them is neutrino+ apk.

Neutrino plus app also provides comments on your post and every single comment is commented by real app users, this will boost your Instagram account organically.

Custom URL Feature: this is a very important feature by given neutrino plus ap, with a custom URL feature you can easily send followers, likes, comments to your targeted Instagram account.

Refer and Earn Crystals: this is a unique feature of neutrino plus apk, with this feature user can send his referral code to another user if the other user will use the referral code when signing in into the neutrino+ then both users receive some crystal and energy as a reward.

Details and Requirments

Application NameNeutrino+
Rating5 Star
CategorySocial Media
Cost100% FREE
Version6.1 Updated
FormatApk File
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Offered ByOfficial Neutrino+
FREE Neutrino+ Crystals Are Here!

How To Download Neutrino Plus Apk?

1First of all, Select the Version Neutrino Plus apk and click on the Apk Download button to download the latest neutrino+ app for android.

Download APK

2After that, you have to Wait For 10 Seconds on the download page, then your apk will download automatically.

Download Page

How To Use Neutrino Plus Apk?

1First of all, you have to open the downloaded Neutrino plus apk and click on the Sign In button.

Neutrino+ sign in
2Now you have to give your Instagram account login details here like Instagram username and password, keep in mind to recheck your username and password before clicking on the login button.

if the login details are correct then click on the login button below.

Login in neutrino
3If you want a free neutrino+ app crystal then click on the YES button

Neutrino plus apk referral code
4Here you have to use this (28158790) code, if you use this referral code then you will get free crystals and energy as a sign-in bonus.

To redeem this code you have to enter the referral code into the code section and click on the Confirm button.

Neutrino+ referral code
5Once you logged in to the Neutrino plus apk then you have to collect crystals, to collect crystals click on the star button, and then click you will be able to see the user’s profile.

Here you have to follow users and collect crystals, to follow and collect the crystals click on the Subscribe +8 button, then the Instagram profile will open in front of you you have to follow the user and go back to the neutrino plus app then you will receive 8 crystal in the app.

Collect crystals in neutrino+ apk
6Note that this is a very important step, here you have to enable the custom URL option so that you can increase the Instagram reel views on your targeted Instagram account.

To enable the Custom URL option, you have to click on the three dots above.

neutrino apk
7After that setting page will open in front of you to enable the Custom URL option you have to click on the Load other users post option once you do that the custom URL option will be ready to use.

Load other users post in neutrino+ Apk
8Now you have to go back to the dashboard and search user Instagram username here, once you search your account then your all post and reels videos will open in front of you.

Here just select the reel video on that you want to increase views and likes.

Search your targeted instagram username
9Now you have to select the number of likes and click on the OK button, after that likes will start sending to your selected Instagram reel video.

send likes and views to your instagram reel video neutrino+ Apk


So here are some points that you keep in mind when you are using the neutrino plus app, first of all never log in to your real Instagram account in this app.

we will share with you a video tutorial by watching you can easily able to use neutrino plus apk and increase likes and views to your Instagram reels.

We hope you liked this article if you face any problem in downloading and using the application. Then you can tell us by commenting below.

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